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MAP of Germany and Sweden, &c.
A Map of UPPER SAXONY Comprehending that Part of GERMANY which is the Present Seat of War
A MAP of the several Countries thro' which the Russians are to pass in their March to PRUSSIA
[Europe, Germany, Sheet no. 34]
[Europe, Germany, Sheet no. 35]
[Europe, Germany, Sheet no. 33]
A MAP of POMERANIA and BRANDENBURG with the Frontiers of POLAND
[Europe, Germany, Sheet no.23]
A New and accurate MAP of SAXONY, PART OF BRANDENBURG, SILESIA, POLAND and BOHEMIA, Exhibiting the present Seat of War between the Prussians and Austrians
GERMANIA MAGNA, quӕ nunquam Romanis pariut
A New and Compleat MAP of the PARTS of SWEDEN, RUSSIA, GERMANY, POLAND, and DENMARK; bordering on the BALTICK SEA: Exhibiting the Present Seat of War between those several Powers
An Accurate Map of the SEAT of WAR in the KINGDOM of PRUSSIA as Also in BOHEMIA, LUSATIA, SILESIA, SAXONY, WESTPHALIA &c. by Tho. Kitchin Geog'r
A MAP of POLAND, with APPENDAGES; shewing the late Partition of that KINGDOM