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A New MAP of the SEAT of WAR on the COAST of MALABAR & COROMANDEL, in the EMPIRE of the GREAT MOGOL. Drawn from the Best Authorities
An Accurate Map of the SEAT of WAR in the KINGDOM of PRUSSIA as Also in BOHEMIA, LUSATIA, SILESIA, SAXONY, WESTPHALIA &c. by Tho. Kitchin Geog'r
A New and Correct CHART of the SEAT of WAR, on the Coasts of FRANCE, SPAIN, PORTUGAL and ITALY; with the Adjacent Coasts & Islands, in the OCEAN and MEDITERRANEAN SEA...
A New MAP of the BRITISH DOMINIONS in NORTH AMERICA; with the Limits of the Governments annexed thereto by the late Treaty of Peace, and Settled by Proclamation, October 7th 1763