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[Bay of Biscay]
A Plan of Fort St. Philip and its Environs, with the French Emcampments, Batteries, &c.
SPAIN and PORTUGAL [on sheet with] A MAP of the Mouth of the River TAGUS, or Harbour of the City of LISBON
A Plan of the Town and Harbour of MAHON, &c.
A PLAN of St. Philip's Castle, in the Island of Minorca
A New and Accurate MAP of the KINGDOMS of SPAIN, PORTUGAL, and Part of FRANCE; the Islands of MAJORCA, MINORCA, &c.
New and Correct Chart of the Seat of War, on the Coasts of France, Spain, Portugal and Italy; with the Adjacent Coasts & Islands, in the Ocean and Mediterranean Sea: Draw from Surveys, & Regulated by Astrononical Observations, by Thos. Kitchin Geographer
A Particular Plan of the Town and Fort of St. Philip [on plate with] A Draught of the Town and Harbour of Mahon with St. Philip's Fort and Its Fortifications
A Chart of the Sea Coast between England and France, as Also of Spain, Portugal, Part of Italy and Barbary; Inclufins so Much of the Mediterranean Sea as Is Likely to Be the Seat of War
Plan of the Bay and Roads of Cadiz [on plate with] View of Cadiz in Spain from the West