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A Particular Plan of the Town and Fort of St. Philip [on plate with] A Draught of the Town and Harbour of Mahon with St. Philip's Fort and Its Fortifications
A Map of the Islands of Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney & Sark Situated in the English Channel, Shewing the Sands, Rocks, & Soundings Drawn from Surveys by Eman: Bowen Geogr. To His Majy.
A Correct Map of Saxony Bohemia Moravia Silesia &c. with the Adjacent Country. Shewing the Seat of War between the Prusians & Austrian in Those Parts
A Chart of the Sea Coast between England and France, as Also of Spain, Portugal, Part of Italy and Barbary; Inclufins so Much of the Mediterranean Sea as Is Likely to Be the Seat of War